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Immune cell therapy

Immune cell therapy is a treatment of disease through the immune system. Immunotherapy includes immunological checkpoint inhibitors, immune cell therapy, oncolytic viruses, therapeutic antibodies, cancer vaccines, and immune system regulators.

Gene Therapy

Gene therapy is a new treatment method by introducing exogenous gene into target cells to correct or compensate for diseases caused by genetic defects and abnormalities . It can treat a variety of diseases including cancer, hereditary diseases, infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases and autoimmune diseases.

Molecular Targeted Therapy

Molecular targeted therapy selectively delivers the drugs or other active substances to the lesion site, and limits the therapeutic effect or drug effect to specific target cells, tissues or organs without affecting the function of normal cells, tissues or organs. A method for improving the efficacy and reducing toxic side effects.

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Room 805, Building T2, EFC, Yuhang District, Hangzhou

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